Bourne Hill Kennels, Ipswich, Suffolk

Our kennels have had the ultimate make over and in May 2009 our new Kennel block was opened creating the perfect atmosphere for your dog.

All our kennels are particularly spacious, heated, have large covered runs and a hammock bed for ultimate comfort. We also have large family kennels available if required.

We are licensed by Babergh Council and recommended and inspected by R.K. Whitworth Veterinary, Trimley St Mary, Suffolk

We require all dogs boarded here to be fully vaccinated. We will also need to see your dogs vaccination certificate on arrival. See below regarding Kennel Cough.

All dogs are walked and exercised daily.

The premises are covered by CCTV.

Pricing – see booking

Kennel Cough (Dogs only)

Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible for kennel cough (canine bronchitis) to be passed on. Kennels with a rapid turnover of guests can be particularly susceptible.

Please note that from 1st January 2012 we insist that all dogs are vaccinated against Kennel Cough and any dogs coughing will not be allowed to board. Vaccinations are available at your veterinary surgery.

Please note that the kennel cough vaccine lasts for one year. If you are getting this done for the first time this needs to be done 7 days prior to arrival.

We also require your pets booster to be up to date we will need to see your Veterinary card on arrival.


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